Exo 3:14  ויאמרH559  אלהיםH430  אלH413  משׁהH4872  אהיהH1961  אשׁרH834  אהיהH1961  ויאמרH559  כהH3541  תאמרH559  לבניH1121  ישׂראלH3478  אהיהH1961  שׁלחניH7971  אליכם׃H413

I AM WHO I AM is  אהיהH1961  אשׁרH834  אהיהH1961

Total Letter occurrances:- ר = 1. ש = 1. י = 2. א = 3. ה = 4.

Total Letter count:- 11
Factors for 11:- 1(star 1), 11

Total letter gematria:- 543
Factors for 543:- 1(star 1), 3, 181(star 6), 543

Total word count:- 3
Factors for 3:- 1(star 1), 3

אהיהH1961(21) אשׁרH834(501) אהיהH1961(21)
(Verse total = 543. Verse factors:- 1(star 1), 3, 181(star 6), 543)


Looking at 543, its factors are 1(star 1), 3,181 (star 6), 543.

Really it only has one essential factor, 3.
3 times the sixth star number (181) gives 543.

3 stars. That’s nice.

Perhaps we should consider this a little more. You need to really ponder this:-

“I am who I am” is 3 times the SIXTH star number. 181 +181 +181.

The number of the beast is 3 Sixes , 666. (Sixes not star numbers)

666 is therefore a pathetic, desperate, imitation of “I am who I am”. 

The failing remembrance of glory days when Lucifer was the anointed cherub, now reduced to this pathetic attempt to deceive his prisoners that he is still in charge by copying elements of the glory of God, through a hopeless, shadow, down market imitation unto himself . Sad, but true. This is for our eternal education.


Now lets take the value of each of the words, 21, 501, and 21 and combine them into a whole number:-


Factors for 2150121 are 1(star 1), 3, 716707, 2150121

So, again only one essential factor, 3.

Digit grouping for 2150121 is 273. Factors for this are 1(star 1), 3 ,7,13(star 2),21,31,91,273.

Note the 3 and 7 here. 
8 factors in all

716707 is a prime number and its digit grouping is 1423, also prime.


3 thoughts on “I AM WHO I AM”

  1. Read the rest of the blog, take you a few days I guess. It is scientific analysis and overwhelming testimony to the inspiration of the scriptures given to the jew and the gentile, old and new testaments. Irrefutable.

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