Seven Swans

While visiting St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall with my daughter in 2007, seven swans appeared ‘out of the blue’ just 30 feet or so from where I was standing on the walkway stone path to the Mount in the sea. A very special moment.



Marazion lies just behind and to the left of this picture. Marazion may mean ‘market-jew’ (alluding to the tin trade with jewish merchants based there) or named ‘bitter zion’ by the jewish traders themselves (‘mara’ is bitter in the scriptures, eg; ‘the waters of marah’ in the Exodus).

This place is full of mystery. Once you cross the river Tamar, you are in a different world. The St Michael’s ley line should arouse your interest:- St Michael’s Ley Line

Open the link. Scroll down to the  section about the St Michael and Apollo Axis, Europe. Find the sentence about the second legend -yup, SWANS!!! This is getting stranger as I write!

Another place I felt drawn to in 1999 was ‘the hurlers’ on Bodmin Moor. Just driving past it, had read about it, had to get out and take a walk around. The hurlers are on the St Michael ley line.

The St Michael/Apollo axis also includes Mount Carmel in the holy land.



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