matrix origin

After discovering someone was following my blog (and that through my own solicitations, lol) I decided to make the important data more easily digestable for any audience and so put the factors for the 3 scriptures into a table. Pleased with this, as I looked at it I thought “matrix”! Sounds good!. I looked up later what a matrix was, just to be sure.
Matrix, I thought, might be good in a spreadsheet, kick it around a bit. Didn’t take long after that to realize this was a bit more than I thought but kinda what I hoped it might be.

So that’s the scientific method I use – fly by wire and a bit of application.
Oh, and thanks norm, you catalysed this.

I may not be publishing for some time now as I need to think a lot more about what is going on here. The next step may well be huge or a dead end. It was in  the summer of 2007 that I first mentioned in passing (to someone who has contributed a fair amount to the field of gematria) that I intended to take the calculator to a 3 dimensional analysis level. Since then the idea has lain dormant simply because I was unsure about the mechanics of this. It may well prove that the matrix has solved this conceptually.


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