Daniel and expressway 37

Shush, Iran

Visit the url. Note the Ahvaz-Shush Expy (expressway) to the right.

Then find the Apadana Palace in google earth – copy these coordinates into the search bar :-    32°11’34.64″ N  48°14’55.26″ E

Just below it to the left, due south west pretty much, is the tomb of the Prophet Daniel . About 1500 metres (1.5km) to the right is the Ahvaz-Shush Expy (expressway) – reference the initial url ( Shush, Iran ) . Oh, look, it has a number. Yes, it is..37 !!!

Here is the google earth data coordinates for the actual tomb, just copy it into the google earth search bar:-      32°11’24.62″ N  48°14’40.51″ E      – takes you to the Tomb of Prophet Daniel.


4 thoughts on “Daniel and expressway 37”

  1. Highway 37 is a causeway between old Mare Island Naval Station and Novato, in Marin County, with quite a pedigree. It is narrow with one lane in either direction, built on a dike with salt marshes on either side, and very little road-shoulder. It’s one of the most notorious death-traps in Kalifornia.

    I grew up a couple hundred yards from 37.

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