37…….this is a blog about numbers in the Bible. It uses data from a home built gematria calculator.

The gematria calculator:-

The calculator runs any Hebrew or Greek script you enter, including whole chapters – several whole chapters until the variables can’t cope šŸ˜“. Gematria calculations are produced using code written in VBScript that runs within a famous browser, I.E, using the developer tools console for emulation of version 8 ( as VBScript is no longer supported in I.E 11 ). The calculator will, for example, process the entire hebrew of, say, Daniel chapters 8 to 12 in milliseconds, providing verse numeric factors,word counts, letter occurrences and even digit grouping for further factor analysis.

Hebrew scripture is much better preserved than N.T Greek which is why the emphasis is strongly on hebrew on this site. N.T greek also has the “iota” issue and I have not included this in the code that detects and analyses greek. Probably never will. There is too much variation in the greek manuscripts and many don’t contain the iota either.

The code was mostly written between 5-10 years ago and is a minefield to update so I am unlikely to be expanding it’s capabilities in the near future.

If you wish to have some scripture analyzed, leave a comment with your request and contact details.


The Blog:-

Gematria proofs including the book of Daniel’s divine 37 language structure and the linking of Revelation and Daniel’s 1260, 1290 and1335 days to 888.

Well, that and a bit more. Lately I have been looking at the 2300 evenings and mornings of the book of Daniel – things are beginning to unfold, just a little.

( You could just start here, I’d recommend it:-Daniel Authenticity ).

You will need patience as information is rather haphazardly presented – this is a free blog, not a book that you buy. If you are the curious sort, you will find things here that not available ANYWHERE else on the net.

The way the numbers are crunched will be quite alien to most of you. Some of the ideas are gleaned from the work of Ian Mallett’s publications on the fivedoves website, in particular, what I have termed “digit grouping”, which Mr Mallett calls “clustering”.

1 Corinthians 13:12,

For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.


Note:- Links on posts before 19 April 2014 will mainly take you to the old site. I will update them, sometime – hopefully.


One thought on “About”

  1. I need some help here. 37 has been all over my life. I was born 10.8.1981 (10+8+1+9+8+1=37), I didn’t know anything about the number, but when I randomly received it for my jersey number in football, it seemed to take on a special value for me and I always just kind of owned the number because of that, without thinking about any other significance. But it wasn’t until being involved in more spiritual endeavors, that this number was everywhere, and without knowing any of the facts of the number, I would always see 37 or 337 multiple times a day. I would meet other people that would have affinity for the number without knowing why, like a woman that I recently met with the number tattooed on her arm, but couldn’t explain why she loved the number. My mind would always take numbers in my life and start adding them and, in many instances, significant dates, times or other random numbers would somehow be constructed mathematically into a form of 37, 337, 377, 73, 733, 773. This still happens often, but I have never really researched much about it. Then, I look online and I find that there is a blog like this completely dedicated to the number. If anyone could help me gain some understanding about why this would possibly be in my life, it would be so helpful, as the people that I come across that have the affinity for it only seem to be in an ignorant place like me, and everybody else that I talk to about it think that I am crazy and weird about it. Thanks.

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