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Gematria similarities between Hamonah and the modern day Amona settlement

This particular post is not claiming to be scholarly, just interesting.


Eze 39:16  And alsoH1571 the nameH8034 of the cityH5892 shall be Hamonah.H1997 Thus shall they cleanseH2891 the land.H776

Ezekiel 39:16 we have:- Hamonah –   (strongs number is 1997)   values:-  5 40 6 50 5 = 106

   heh  mem vav nun heh

ה(5) מ(40) ו(6) נ(50) ה (5) = 106


Here is ‘Amona’ in Joshua 18:24:-
כּפר העמּוני which means “Village of the ammonites” in Joshua 18:24.

( Note that the Hebrew is that found in the strongs definitions – the actual hebrew text of 18:24 renders it:-
מ(40) נ(50) י (10) = 100 ) thus leaving out the WAW/VAV letter with a value of 6.

Jos 18:24  Chephar-ammoni, Ophni, Geba–twelve cities with their villages:

We need to remove the “village of the” bit (Chephar – including the heh and ayin, the ‘of the’). Leaves us with

מּ(40) ו(6) נ(50) י(10) = 106

What we see here is the replacement of the 2 heh (5) values with one yod (10) value

The modern Hebrew for the Amona settlement is:-

ע(70) מ(40) ו(6) נ(50) ה (5) =171

However, it derives it’s name from the passage in Joshua 18:24 as any internet search will reveal.