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Centre of the Universe

it’s solved hooray. Well, maybe.

here we go. We are at the centre of the universe as the CBR indicates.

Relativity is the junk of a lost mind. Einstein was in the service of a powerful spirit, but it was not the spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. Einstein was an Ashkenazi jew ( possibly therefore not of blood descent but certainly originating from people embracing, admittedly somewhat forcibly, Judaism which denies the Saviour, therefore hardened except for a believing remnant, which Einstein was not).   Back to Tesla, the vortex and forward with Subquantum kinetics. Nice try, Einstein, you sure had the whole world fooled for a long time – relatively, tehe.

A possible explanation then is that we are at the centre of the torsional energy VORTEX of the Universe, which explains the rich electro-magnetic and gravitational FIELDS that we experience. Further out in the universe and these fields are much weaker – the spiral galaxies demonstrate this moving with their vortices spinning at the same speed as the outer arms which tells us that there is very little energy in these FIELDS the further we are from the centre of the universe’s central vortex. As these fields also are the framework for matter (quantum theory) we can also see that the speed of light away from the central vortex of the universe will begin to approach infinity as these fields weaken (It is proven that these fields affect/reduce the speed of light).

While we are on topic, there is no such thing as a time dimension and things definitely can and do travel faster than the speed of light and let us also note that the speed of light has only been measured in a 2 way, there and back, measurement. It appears that light is anisotropic so what would be most useful is a measuremnet of light speed in one direction only. We should see variations according to direction.

Update 24/11/2013:- seems I am not alone regarding this space vortex stuff . see . I should point out that Tewari does not think we can know God unless we understand the physics of the universe completely but his Space Power Generator looks mighty interesting. nasa says there is a space time vortex around the earth. So it’s all einstein again for them. They might be missing the simple fact that it is the earth’s EMF field vortex itself that is doing the time warping.  The result confirms, to me, that in intergalactic space, light will travel a whole lot faster.

Subquantum kinetics. Yeah, finally people are waking up to this. Hallelujah. It’s a level below the vacuum (lowest possible energy, sometimes called Zero point field) of particle physics required by quantum theory.


Been reading Job again, thank the Lord for this wonderful book. My vision is restored. The Lord is awesome.


Update:- The scripture teaches that it is the Lord Jesus Himself who holds all this stuff together. That is something I genuinely understand – :).

The real problem with science today is that it is extrapolating out into the Universe as a universal reality the baleful “received” science on earth. Now that Quantum/sub Quantum theory is making a mockery of relativity, the science brigade closes all the doors and carries on their baleful big bang/relativity bleatings. Not only is “received” theory wrong but they take what is flawed and use it to explain everything – errgh, well, %5 anyway. The rest, we are condecendingly informed, is dark energy/matter depending on which way the wind is blowing in academia.