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These are original and interesting posts:-

2300       2300 370 185000

1260 1290 1335 AND 888

2300 & 1335 short version


The authenticity of Daniel proved:-

The original post where it all started to happen

Daniel and the Genesis 1:1 creation gematria, 37 and 73.

The gematria for the entire (two) hebrew sections of Daniel:


Make sure you view the letter occurrences post. This shows the letters gimel (value 3) and zayin (value 7) divinely encoded in the hebrew sections of Daniel. IT’S 37 ALL OVER AGAIN. ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDING !!! :-

Letter occurrences for Daniel hebrew content – chapters 8 to 12 and entire hebrew content

These 2 posts examine the opening vision of Daniel chapter 8. The second post kind of encapsulates the first and contains all the gems

The Ulai canal in Susa and 666

The Ulai Canal in Susa – 70, 66, 777

Finally in this section, inferences of the hebrew gematria on the design and purposes of the book of Daniel:-



Experimental area:-

What I hope is going to be another rich vein of gold, more calculations :-


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Alpha to Omega, Aleph to Tau, from Abel to Zechariah, the end is written from the beginning.

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