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There is a lot of talk about  a revived roman empire featuring a Roman/European antichrist. Folk take this scripture  “the people of the prince who is to come” from Daniel chapter 9 and make the leap that that means the prince to come, the man of sin, will be a .. Roman.

However, aaah, yes  the delicious..however. Hehe. Where was I, oh yes.

However, the people that destroyed the city and the sanctuary were actually syrian/arab conscripts under the command of the Romans. Mmm, really. Titus actually sought to quell the hatred with which they destroyed the city and the sanctuary but to no avail. They did a thorough job – after all, they hated the Jews.

So the prince to come will be of the lineage of those who destroyed the city and the sanctuary.

But there’s more..

If you go to “custance.org” you will find there that the Etruscans were actually migrants from Resen via a short stay at Lydia where famine drove them to the sea and on to Italy. Resen was a part of the city complex around Nineveh that formed “the great city”, four cities in all as I recall. That is just about an afternoon’s stroll from…Mosul.

Got your attention now, I see.

Who built those cities? NIMROD!

Yeah, so the pure blooded etruscan has uncomfortably close links with Nimrod. Even a pure “Roman” would still be descended from the inhabitants of Resen. Maybe that explains all that idolotry that still goes on in roman catholicism, the phallus in the vatican square, the sun worship, the mary worship.

Gone very quiet at the back, sniggering has stopped. Mm, what you didn’t know 😉